Bike Brake Pads, AGPTEK 4 Pairs Disc Brake Pads for Bicycle, Compatible with Shimano B01S M515 M525 C501 C601 M415 M416 M485(Black)


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  • 🧵【High-quality material】Semi-metal brake pad contains red copper fibre and Kevlar fibre to increase heat dissipation and wear resistance. Make less noise than sintered metal pads. Reliable delay even with persistent load and heat development. High-quality construction wear-resistant resin and Kevlar fibre copper fibre. Focus on good possibilities and provide you with a direct sensitive and stable braking effect
  • 🎈【Excellent braking performance】 Uniform and powerful braking with low noise. Maximum performance and stability in dry wet or clumpy environments. Make your ride safer. Suitable for leisure use for mountain sports
  • 🔈【Optimal heat dissipation and low noise】Stable under high loads. Optimized heat dissipation keeps wearing low. Even with full throttle and strong heat generation. Optimum heat dissipation the disc brakes provide effective protection service life up to round (more than) 3500 kilometres. Fading decreasing braking performance and loud squeaking have no chance thanks to high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology
  • 👍【Dry Moisture resistant】Special design for dryness and moisture. Excellent for any braking system maximum performance and stability in the dry or wet environment
  • ✅【Wide compatibility】Compatible with the brake systems M515 M525 C501 C601 M415 M416 M485 M486 M475 M495 M445 M446 M447 M465 M510 M515 M515 M5 M525 M575 M375 M395 and M35 more. (Note: including but not limited to these). It can be used if your brake pad is identical to ours.)