Axdwfd 20 Inch Bicycle, Mother And Child Tandem Folding Shifting Disc Brake Fence Safety Belt Double Mother Pick Up Child Bicycle(blue)


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  • ● Iron frame the frame is strong and the bearing capacity is strong.
  • ●Colored large sprocket geometric design riding ring when the small tooth sprocket is two laps the fashion atmosphere is easy to ride.
  • ● Anti-lock brake system it will not brake after braking during riding preventing the brakes on both sides of the rear wheel from being more stable and safe.
  • ● 20″ size blue guardrail parent-child bicycle seat height adjustable with two kinds of children sitting with a fence sitting on a normal small sitting on a handrail the child is a little bigger and then replaced with ordinary white fence Cushion suitable for children under 5 years old
  • ● Easy to piece together! 95% of the bikes are assembled and all assembly tools are high.