AMZOPDGS Adult Tricycle 6 Speed Three Wheel Cruiser Bike 20 Inch Trike Wheels With Cargo Basket And Manned Back Seat Adjustable Handlebars


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  • Steady and Sturdy : 20 inch 6 Speed 3 wheel bike is constructed with High carbon steel frame Length 178cm width 72cm height 95-110cm Seat width 47cm Load bearing 175kg Suitable for height 150-190cm
  • 6-speed and Double chain: Accurate response sensitive and fast speed change light riding; Double chain riding is more labor-saving.
  • Large basket and back seat: The basket is perfect for picnics or storing groceries. Behind with comfortable seat with seat belts.
  • Three tire design triangle stability is higher for beginners and elderly the safety factor is higher even in rainy days it is not easy to slip; Double brake system high safety and high sensitivity.
  • Gift for Seniors/Young: For adults this trike is an easy tool to riding for leg rehabilitation ride around and even carry cargo when shopping; the adult tricycles will also be perfect for young men and women.