Airsoft Helmet Pads Tactical Helmet Replacement Accessories Soft EVA Foam Insert Motorcycle Padding Kits Bicycle Bike Mats for Costume Cosplay Fast Mich CS Army ACH FMA USMC PASGT (Black 19PCS)


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  • ❶19pcs/set helmet pads includes 9 pads with 10 hook&look circles to apply the 9 pads. Great add on for helmets soft durable and washable.
  • ❷The replacement pads are approximately 3/4 of an inch thick. The helmet pads are made of EVA foam which is a closed cell foam generally used for forming costumes exercise mats.
  • ❸Good assortment of pads which are solidly constructed soft and comfortable on the head. The hook&look circles are strong and won’t come off if you pull the pad.
  • ❹The different sizes make it easy to size properly. Great for cosplay Airsoft Fast CS ACH Mich FMA USMC PASGT helmet Star Wars helmet motorcycle bike helmet football helmet 3D printed helmet helmet.
  • ❺Please make sure the surface is clean and smooth before applying the hook&loop.