4 Pair Bicycle Disc Brake Pads for M355 M446,Full Metallic Disc Brake Pads for Mountain Bike,Compatible with 10/12/14 Inch Electric Driving Brake Pads


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  • Low Braking Noise: Bike Brake Pad contains a lot of copper has little wear on the disc surface has a short running‑in time and has low braking noise.And provide you with a direct sensitive and stable braking effect.
  • Premium Material: A variety of anti‑wear materials are added to greatly increase the anti‑wear properties of the brake pads.
  • Compatible With: Bicycle brake pad has good heat dissipation effect and is very convenient to use.Mountain bike disc brakes 10/12/14 inch electric driving brake pads can also be used as long as the shape is the same.(Each pair is equipped with 2 brake pads)
  • Application: Maintains the same performance as low temperature in high temperature driving and has stable braking performance on long downhills which is suitable for use in various climates.
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