26 Inch Adult Mountain Bike 21 Speed Folding Bike MTB Disc Brakes Folding Bicycle Folding Mountain Bike Bicycles Folding Bicycle High Carbon Steel Full Suspension Foldable Adjustable Height


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  • Precise gears: the mountain bike is equipped with a precision circuit for front derailleur and rear derailleur which allows you to precise shifts for different terrains. The precision mountain bike with 21 gears offers you a smooth shifting experience.
  • High-quality materials: the frame the spokes and the flywheel are made of high-quality carbon steel. The high-strength and wear-resistant steel makes the mountain bike more stable durable and less susceptible to deformation. Excellent craftsmanship: the frames of the mountain bikes are painted. The excellent paint protects the frame from oxidation and rust caused by air and water and extends its service life.
  • Comfortable ride: the seat and handlebars of this mountain bike are ergonomically shaped so that you can ride with less effort. The saddle is made of high-quality foam to give you a soft feel. These thoughtful designs allow you to stay comfortable even after hours of driving.
  • Excellent weight capacity: the high-quality materials and the solid construction of this mountain bike ensure a maximum weight capacity of 286.60 pounds so that it can be used by an average adult or teenager.
  • Adjustable height: the mountain bike has an adjustable saddle height of 31.49 – 37.40 inches for people between 62.99 – 74.80 inches tall. The adjustable height allows you to adjust the height to your height and habits to allow a comfortable ride.