2 Pcs 20″ x 1.75/1.95/2.125 Schrader Valve BMX Bicycle Inner Tubes Bike Tubes


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  • Two New 20″ x 1.75 to 2.125 Schrader Valve Bicycle Tubes.
  • Bulk packaged no retail packaging is included. Standard 0.85mm thick butyl tube.
  • 32mm Schrader (Regular) Valve / Removable Core.
  • Fits 20″ BMX bike wheels and 20″ upright bicycle wheels.
  • Important note for inflating any brand of tube: When replacing the inner tube of a bicycle carefully check the inside of the outer tube for foreign objects and ensure that the inner tube is completely placed inside the outer tube. After installation inflate a little to ensure that the inner tube is completely installed in the outer tube. Once filled do not inflate it tightly so it is easy to burst the tire.